Atkan Chatkan Full Movie HD 1080p Download Link review by Filmywap

Atkan Chatkan Full Movie HD 1080p Download Link review by Filmywap

A boy named Guddu (Lydian Nadhaswaram), who is about ten years old, loves music. Guddu does not go to school, works for a tea vendor in Jhansi but has big dreams. Although the musician does not know what the word means, he knows how to make music.

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Sudhir Babu, Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Haidari have also starred in the film, written and directed by Mo Mohan Krishna Indraganti, which started streaming on Amazon Prime video from VV September starring Nani. Jagpathi Babu, Vanella Kishore, NASA and Srinivas have played the roles of retired actors.

This is the first Telugu movie on digital route. He does not need traditional instruments to create music, as he believes that every word around him can be used as a melody. He dreams of entering Tansen Music School to learn more.

Inspirational stories sound great but they are not always easy to run. The writers had a simple and powerful story to tell to Shiva Hare and Aadesh Rathi. But what spoils the complex writing is that it can be the best movie of an hour with a clear message. But by adding unnecessary drama and extra characters, the plot seems to be lost a lot of the time. It pulls a lot and there’s a lot more drama here. Although I understand that the manufacturers wanted to show the hardships faced by non-disadvantaged children in order to implement their benefits, it can be subtle and not top notch.

As I said, the movie has been pulled a lot. Some scenes are suddenly abrupt which is not a pleasant watch. Since the story is set mainly in Jhansi, the essence of the small-town is well captured. There are some moments in the movie that will make you laugh and smile. Only if the film is kept short and the drama is shortened can it be the ratatuil of India; The only difference is that this Disney-Pixar movie told us ‘anyone can cook’.

When I found out that AR Rahman was presenting the film and the legendary percussionist Shivamani composed the music, my expectations were high. Also, from a movie based on music, you expect great songs. Sadly, there is also a lack of pasting. Not all songs click. However I enjoyed the title track and a song drawn by Amitabh Bachchan.

All said and done. The movie lacks punch and WOW factor. The story was good, but a lot of the elements and characters ruined it. It doesn’t really provide the inspiration we’re looking for. But if you want to watch a kids movie and have doubts about following your career in music, give it a watch. The producers have actually shown us how a sound can make music and one does not always need expensive instruments.

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