Tasher Ghawr Benagli Full Movie HD 1080p Download Link Review Hoichoi

Tasher Ghawr Benagli Full Movie HD 1080p Download Link Review Hoichoi

The name of the film is Taser Ghawr. About a year later, Swastika Mukherjee will return to entertain the Bengali film audience and this is big news in itself because we all know the acting skills of the actress.

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According to the announcement video, the story revolves around housewife Swastika. The video shows him cutting fruit on a chicken and talking to the audience about himself. In that short video you can see how easily he moved from one emotion to another. Directed by Sudipto Roy, this Huichoi film has already created a buzz among the viewers.

The film is produced by Chilekotha Films and the music is directed by Amit – Is Shan. We hope that this movie will give us the same amount of joy as all other Swastika Mukherjee films. You can watch the video of the announcement below.

This story is about that world about his home, his quest, his “self”. Tash’s singing is very different from his counterparts. It contains ironic elements. Not to preach here, but to keep the thought of a transparent swastika elevated to the victim of the apparent patriarchy. He is not imitative, a deadly reality that is expected through his words and deeds. This Huichoi film has come here to amaze and inspire the audience with its obsolete episode.

The video of Tash Gaur’s announcement shows Sujata, a woman in her thirties, with skinless hair and appearance. She is busy with her kitchen chores, cutting fruit and losing herself in her family.

As the video progressed we saw Sujata talking to the audience, describing her past. She talks about the tree in her previous home and how she wants to build a house with her boyfriend after her marriage and how happy she was after her marriage was settled. After a silent sigh, a frustrated look of frustration on his face, as if hiding some very intense, suppressed sensations of frustration and pain.

Sujata seems to be enjoying her own body and the body of innate inanimate objects around her. The audience is curious to know how the story will progress and how its character will finally emerge.

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